Giveaway Winners

Every NAFA event includes giveaways and prizes to our attendees, from full conference registrations to gifts from various sponsors. Here is our latest list of winners.

2024 Winners

$100 Disney Gift Card drawing, compliments of Soothing Scents

  • Erik K., CRNA, Minnesota
  • More giveaway surprises coming soon!

2023 Winners

$100 Disney Gift Cards, compliments of Soothing Scents

  • Cheri M., CRNA, Michigan
  • Noretta P., CRNA, Maine
  • Lee Anne G., CRNA, Ohio

$100 Meal at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort—Ale and Compass Restaurant, compliments of NAFA VCU

  • Angela V., CRNA, Pennsylvania
  • Jason H., CRNA, West Virginia
  • Amanda L., CRNA, Tennessee

Lunch at Disney’s Contemporary Resort – Steakhouse 71, compliments of NAFA VCU

  • Carla R., CRNA, North Carolina
  • Scott P., CRNA, Minnesota

Essential Oil Collection Box and Diffuser, compliments of Soothing Scents

  • Anonymous, CRNA
  • Andrew B., CRNA, Pennsylvania
  • Glenn T., CRNA, Rhode Island
  • Danyelle B., CRNA, Ohio
  • Michele L., CRNA, Ohio
  • Todd P., CRNA, Tennessee

Aromatic Inhaler Sample Kit, compliments of Soothing Scents

  • Chad F., CRNA, Texas
  • Chelsea S., CRNA, Ohio
  • Cynthia F., CRNA, Pennsylvania
  • Dawn K., CRNA, Wisconsin
  • Elaine C., CRNA, Ohio
  • Kennith D., CRNA, Virginia
  • Kristen F.C., CRNA, Ohio
  • Lisa R., CRNA, Pennsylvania

NAFA VCU T-Shirts and Individual Aromatic Inhalers, compliments of NAFA VCU and Soothing Scents

  • 25+ Anonymous, CRNAs

2022 Winners

Full NAFA Conference Registration, compliments of the UPMC, good for a full registration for any NAFA event in 2023.

  • Christina C., CRNA, Minnesota
  • Uhyeong C., CRNA, Texas

Essential Oil Collection Box, compliments of Soothing Scents

  • Kaitlyn S., CRNA, Virginia

NAFA VCU T-Shirts, compliments of NAFA VCU

  • 15+ Anonymous, CRNAs